Overcoming the Big Seven Blunders Women Make When Divorcing

Going through a divorce? Just remain calm and think clearly, right?  Ha! Overcoming the Big Seven Blunders Women Make When Divorcing - Ladies! Divorce is complicated.  Divorce is an emotional roller coaster.  The dissolution of your marriage will impact so many areas of your life that just going through the process will leave you vulnerable and open to tragic mistakes.  So much is at stake, including your own mental health, the well-being of your children, your financial future and your home, just to name a few.  Keeping your eyes wide open [...]

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Putting Out (Camp)Fires: Divorce and Summer Camp

If freezing temperatures and forecasts for snow have you wishing for longer days and warmer weather, you may be looking ahead to summer.   And whether you’re divorcing or recently divorced, chances are you’ve given some thought to summer camp.  Summer camp for most New Jersey families is no longer a luxury, but a necessary child care alternative for working parents.  The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines contemplate a child’s basic needs: food, clothing and shelter, but what about the supplemental costs for raising a child? Fortunately, Appendix IX-A to [...]

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To Have and to Hold? Engagement Rings and New Jersey Law

Let’s talk about engagement rings.  They come in all shapes and sizes. Round, oval, emerald, cushion, pear, princess, radiant. A half-carat.  A whole carat.  Even two or three or four carats. They may be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum. However, no matter what they look like or how big they are, these rings are usually worn from the day of an engagement through every day thereafter.  A ring is a visible, constant reminder of a couple’s relationship.  Therefore, it is no surprise that when [...]

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Common Sense

Our divorce laws are quite complicated and generally require the guidance of an experienced attorney to navigate successfully. However, no matter how good your lawyer is, he or she will have great difficulty overcoming your or your spouse’s lack of common sense. Common sense should be the guiding light for divorcing couples. Without it the process is likely to be more cumbersome, more stressful, more time consuming, and more expensive. For example, if a couple has reported combined gross income of $100,000 per year on joint income tax returns, [...]

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Eight Helpful Divorce Tips

Eight Helpful Divorce Tips - If you are going through a divorce you may be confused, overwhelmed and even terrified of what lies ahead. Having information is the key to staying in control and keeping calm. Leave your emotions at the door: Don’t let those hard feelings color your perspective. You may want revenge, but in the end it’s far better to keep calm and look at things rationally. You could have your attorney send a letter to your spouse about the couch, but that simple letter could cost more [...]

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Questions to Ask My Divorce Attorney on the First Visit

Questions to Ask My Divorce Attorney on the First Visit - It can be daunting, confusing and downright scary to visit a lawyer about an impending separation or divorce. The right attorney will put your fears to rest and make you feel comfortable with the process. This is the time to ask the questions you may have about the divorce process. Here are some questions to ask before selecting the right lawyer for you. Do you concentrate in divorce? If he does, it means he deals with divorce a [...]

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Have A Pizza!

My friend Tony at Colts Neck Pizza, got me thinking last month.  He joked, “I have a complaint.  I read your articles, but you never say…have a pizza.”  As I ate my pizza that evening, I thought about what he said.  It made a lot of sense. Divorce is stressful even in the more amicable splits.  When the acrimony is extreme, stress levels can skyrocket.  People deal differently with stress.  Some lose weight.  Others gain weight.  Difficulty sleeping or concentrating are frequent side effects.  Irritability, raw nerves, or depression [...]

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Taking Your Lawyer’s Advice

We all hire professional when we have problems. When we’re sick or injured we go to the doctor. We follow her instructions and take the medicine she prescribed because we want to get better. When our pipes are clogged, we hire a plumber who comes with tools most of us don’t have or know how to use. We listen to his advice. When our car isn’t running right and we hear a loud squeal coming from under the hood, we take it to a mechanic to be fixed. And [...]

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A Divorce Glossary

Divorce is a process which, predictably, has its own language. Most people entering the process for the first time are unfamiliar with the language of divorce. Here is a glossary of some of the most common terms. ARBITRATION – a hearing in which a neutral person (typically an attorney or a retired judge) selected by the parties’ attorneys, hears the case and renders a binding decision. Arbitration is voluntary, but once there is agreement to arbitrate, the result is binding. CASE INFORMATION STATEMENT (CIS) – a financial disclosure form [...]

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10 Tips for Averting Disaster During Your Divorce

Do not leave the marital residence before speaking to an attorney. Do not sign mortgages, notes or loan documents if you believe your marriage may end. If your spouse talks about going bankrupt advise your divorce lawyer and speak to a bankruptcy lawyer immediately. Do not communicate with your attorney from any email accounts for which your spouse knows or could easily figure out your password(s). Change your internet passwords so that they are not your birthday, old address, pet’s name or any other combination that could be easily [...]

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