Changed Circumstances

Changed circumstances is a term that often affects people years after they thought their legal problems ended when the divorce was granted. Common in divorce and extremely rare in other areas of the law, changed circumstances can often change court judgments or agreements of the parties.Why? In family law there is a recognition that court orders and agreements largely look forward, whereas other types of litigation generally look to redress past grievances. Once that grievance is redressed by a monetary award, the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant is [...]

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At The Movies

“In Hollywood, an equitable divorce settlement means each party getting fifty percent of the publicity.” Lauren Bacall, movie actress. It’s Academy Awards season. What better time to see how movies have handled divorce through the years? A popular topic since the advent of silent movies, A Bill of Divorcement (1922) was one of the first. Ten years later the remake starred John Barrymore and Katherine Hepburn and sound. The movie made Hepburn an instant star. Divorce movies-comedies, dramas, foreign filmshave been made by the dozens in the decades since. [...]

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