Questions to Ask My Divorce Attorney on the First Visit – It can be daunting, confusing and downright scary to visit a lawyer about an impending separation or divorce. The right attorney will put your fears to rest and make you feel comfortable with the process. This is the time to ask the questions you may have about the divorce process.

Here are some questions to ask before selecting the right lawyer for you.

  1. Do you concentrate in divorce? If he does, it means he deals with divorce a lot, in addition to division of property and child custody and all the other issues that may come with it. Other attorneys specialize in a wider variety of practice areas and may not see quite so many divorce cases on a daily basis. Choose the one who does this day in and day out. Find out how many family law cases they have handled and how long they have been practicing.
  2. What strategy will you employ in my case? Some attorneys go for the aggressive approach, while others take a more conservative approach.
  3. What is your approach to daily operations? Meaning, how easy are they to get in touch with? How long does it take to return phone calls and get appointments? What if there is an emergency? What constitutes an emergency?
  4. Who else will be working on my case? Some firms are comprised of just one lawyer, but even in that case, that one lawyer usually has a paralegal helping him. Other larger firms may have a team of lawyers who may all work on your case. Find out who they are and what experience they have.
  5. What is your hourly rate? Find out how the firm plans to charge you. How much is the retainer? Also, ask about any other costs, such as private investigators, forensic accountants, psychologists, etc. You want an honest attorney who can give you a ball park idea but who can’t say for sure the exact amount until the divorce is finalized.
  6. What can I do on my own to minimize the cost? Perhaps there is some paperwork you can handle or investigative work into your finances that you can do rather than delegate to the attorneys. There’s a lot of legwork involved in divorce cases that you may be able to help with to offset your total cost.

You probably have many more questions about your divorce. Call Paras, Apy & Reiss for peace of mind and more information at 732.219.9000.