Children With Special Needs

Parents with children who have disabilities often face enormous challenges. Those challenges can increase significantly when the parents are divorced or separated. Disagreements over care, treatments, and schooling are often very contentious. Conversely, some parents become so detached that planning for the future is fraught with uncertainty. Either way, already high stress levels are elevated, adding to feelings of sensory overload. Special needs children are entitled to certain benefits from the local school district, but what if the parents live in different districts and services are better or greater [...]

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Taking Your Lawyer’s Advice

We all hire professional when we have problems. When we’re sick or injured we go to the doctor. We follow her instructions and take the medicine she prescribed because we want to get better. When our pipes are clogged, we hire a plumber who comes with tools most of us don’t have or know how to use. We listen to his advice. When our car isn’t running right and we hear a loud squeal coming from under the hood, we take it to a mechanic to be fixed. And [...]

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Arrested! Incarcerated!

You can almost hear the steel bars clang closed behind you when you read the words “arrested” and “incarcerated”. Although an arrest does not occur frequently in a divorce court, it is not a rare occurrence either. Incarceration is one tool the court has to force a litigant to do something he/she was previously ordered to do and has the ability to do, but has not done. It is the ultimate form of “arm twisting”. Most commonly this arises when one spouse was ordered to pay support and has [...]

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Hidden Assets

ASSETS ACQUIRED during the marriage are subject to equitable distribution. Some people try to avoid sharing assets by hiding them. Hidden assets come in many shapes and sizes. Finding them often requires the assistance of forensic accountants and private investigators. Although cash is becoming an increasingly outmoded method of payment, some small businesses still receive a significant percentage of their revenue in cash. Cash receipts may be unreported (or underreported) and hidden in accounts in the name of another person, in safes or mattresses, or even offshore. Tony Soprano [...]

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A Divorce Glossary

Divorce is a process which, predictably, has its own language. Most people entering the process for the first time are unfamiliar with the language of divorce. Here is a glossary of some of the most common terms. ARBITRATION – a hearing in which a neutral person (typically an attorney or a retired judge) selected by the parties’ attorneys, hears the case and renders a binding decision. Arbitration is voluntary, but once there is agreement to arbitrate, the result is binding. CASE INFORMATION STATEMENT (CIS) – a financial disclosure form [...]

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Removal is the label given to cases involving a parent’s request to move out of state with the child(ren). These are often gut-wrenching cases because if the parent seeking to remove the child from New Jersey is successful, the other parent’s relationship with the child will inevitably and unavoidably change dramatically. A move to another state (or perhaps a foreign country) will severely impact that parent child relationship.There is an enormous difference between seeing the child on weekends and during the week, attending soccer games and dance recitals, helping with [...]

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Beware The Mighty Quinn!

Last month the New Jersey Supreme Court injected new vigor into the proposition that “a deal’s a deal.” In Quinn v. Quinn, a provision in the Property Settlement Agreement terminated Mr. Quinn’s alimony obligation if Mrs. Quinn cohabited after the divorce. A majority of the court decided that it was, indeed, enforceable. Under New Jersey law alimony automatically terminates when the recipient remarries. However, cohabitation is not an automatic trigger. First, the alimony payor must prove that that the ex-spouse is cohabitating, which is a fact sensitive analysis involving [...]

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Selecting The Right Lawyer

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that it is important to select the right lawyer no matter the nature of your case or your legal concerns.  It is, however, doubly important to select the right lawyer for your divorce because of the extremely personal nature of the issues involved in the dissolution of your marriage and the need to set the right course for the future of your family. Many lawyers, by virtue of their education, experience and professional standing, are qualified to provide quality legal services.  Because of the personal [...]

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20 Years of Professionalism

ON APRIL 1, 1996 Bonnie Reiss, Patricia Apy, and I formed Paras, Apy & Reiss, a Professional Corporation for the Practice of Family Law. We founded our firm on three guiding principles. First, all divorces are unique and require an approach specifically tailored to their unique characteristics. Second, communication between lawyer and client is essential to achieving the client’s goals in a fair and reasonable manner. Third, there is no substitute for preparation. We are committed to knowing the case better than anyone else in the room, whether it’s [...]

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New Child Support Law

ON JANUARY 19, 2016 a new child support bill was signed into law. It becomes effective February 1, 2017. Many family lawyers have said that the new statute doesn’t make substantive changes to the law, it only shifts the burden of proof. I don’t share that view. Iregard the new act as a minefield that should be negotiated with extreme caution. Under the new law child support will end when a child reaches age nineteen, unless (1) a court order specifies otherwise or (2) the custodial parent successfully petitions [...]

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